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Talk Cafe Support Place is breaking ground with a new exciting innovative approach designed to streamline access to needed resources, services, programs and connection to professionals by merging traditional business practices with technological advancements.

It is support people can access at their fingertips in maintaining or restoring a quality of life. It is changing and advancing the way we do business, find resources and live life.

Talk Cafe Support Place

About Us


Talk Cafe Support Place is the grassroots ideology of the founder Lorna Doyle. The company's focus is to support that empowers individuals desire membership in an integrated support service network. Designed to be a metaphoric kitchen table gateway support place forum hub, that Counselor/Professional guided assistance centralized service network. A comfortable atmosphere where main street people experiencing hardships and challenges go to resolve issue, talk with people who can help, access membership resources; connect to the partner network, join Talk cafe, signup for services such as the Cafe transit, infinite support groups, economic programs, "LaDrea Project Transition Initiatives. " the self-driven foundation building block empowerment projects, developed tailored to people's personal pathway plan needs, also get a bite to eat or drink if so desired.

Talk Cafe is a grassroot ideology of the founder Lorna Doyle. It's about a place to connect with support resources and finding the right professionals during times of transitions. The management style is providing a foundation of a point care counselor, 24-7 On- Demand professionals virtual telecommunication, onsite and virtual support services.

Our Mission

The Talk Cafe Support Place is about 24/7 environment of easy accessibility support focused on gives autonomy, attention and voice to main street issues that empower parents, youth, college students, mentally challenged and offenders with autonomy, affordable support foundation services connected with a " Professional Partnership Network," and businesses that invest in the establishment of human needs (income, employment, housing, transportation, education etc.) for the purpose of obtaining desired goals in a positive timely approach to a quality lifestyle.

Talk Cafe Support Place featuring the "LaDrea Project Transitions'' is a privately held Oklahoma LLC, which for tax purposes files as a Subchapter S Corporation. Lorna Doyle, the founder of the Talk Cafe Support Place is the sole owner. It is the goal of the owner to provide foundation building conversations, programs, services, support groups and platforms that are counselor/professional driven that will help youth, adults, people with challenges and businesses obtain the help and support needed for success.

24-7 Support Place of Self driven Initiatives provides access to a Centralize smorgasbord of foundation building resources, Alley's Closet Stepping Stones to a home, , Talk Cafe onsite Support Groups, counseling, therapy, doctors, legal clinic, referral organizations, business partnerships, opportunities, business site spots ,entry to LaDrea Project Transition Programs, on demand professional services, volunteering to employment, outreach services, socializing, entertainment, Praise & Worship, personalize foundation building.


To be a light of understanding of one's journey in life, help them discover through past struggles endured, how the journey can end depends on the tools of choice and pathways they lay ahead can/will change into a quality lifestyle. Provide support that empowers individual's autonomy to live their version of the American dream having an income, housing, transportation, quality education and have voice heard as well as validated.

Our Business

A centralized digital resource network Easy access connection to resources and professionals that empower your change.

A new innovative technological access to resources. Merging traditional and non-traditional business practices through virtual and reality media. The online resources (Talk Cafe Support Place, Membership Association) offers Talk Cafe, care counselors along with an array of customized programs that include LaDrea project transitions, partnership network , on demand services, forging employment, career stimulation, volunteer stipend program, support groups, stepping stones to home, talk cafe transit, and town senior cab.

Talk Cafe care counselors are membership assistants that help you navigate the network.

The process starts with completing a membership packet which includes filling out an initial membership application, schedule intake assessments, testing and transition designation, care counseling appointment to develop pathway plan, enroll in services, programs, support groups and connect with partner opportunity contract services.

Our Membership

Our Partnerships

Opportunity to participate in the membership network referral program or connect
your website to Talk Cafe Support Place.

Talk Cafe Support Place

Core Values

Core value of self-help empowerment environment is a determination to a right pathway. The organization's belief is empowerment comes through understanding one's struggles related choices is part of self-improvement. Providing fingertip access to resources and professional services 24/7 makes for a solid foundation of positive building blocks, determined to the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong. Core values also help companies to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals by creating an unwavering guide. There are many different examples of core values in the world, depending upon the context.

Self Help Empowerment Business Model

Creating a value system by transferring to the membership personal investing in self in exchange for a lower price of the service or product. Membership benefits of autonomy, self-empowerment, personal choice, own pace, savings, more target-oriented while putting in their own effort.