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Membership Association

Where every member benefit from being part of the association group. The organization business model is a voluntary association. Where an association has adopted the Model Constitution, a person is a member of an association if that person has applied and been approved for membership in accordance with the procedure set out in the constitution. The purpose of membership association is giving people a sense of belonging, a place to obtain services and assistance.

Talk Cafe Support Place

Alley's Closet Transition

A.C.T. is the acronym for Alley's Closet Transitional residential support services. Alley's Closet transitional housing project provides accommodation and support to people that are seeking, at risk of losing their home or are presently homeless. A.C.T. offers a range of stable short-term accommodation emergency housing, support services that help member customers develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to obtain independent accommodations of choice. Every member will be part of a transitional Group that reflects their status at the time of entering the housing program and a Care Counselor. Care Counselors function as case manager that advocate and coordinators that is the members support contact that provides guidance assistance.

Talk Cafe Support Place

Partner Site Spot Booth

Offices where partners membership set up a kiosk information that advertise services. Can attract membership feet traffic or meet with care counselor referrals immediately. Post company staff that can introduce the business, do immediate interviews, testing register potential new clients. Have a space to hold promotional business events.


We provide support services like generational entrepreneurs mentoring stimulation and counseling.

Talk Cafe Support Place (Inside Cafe)

Reserve room usage online, open sitting, lounging area, internet area

T Town Talk Cafe is about support, support, support. A multi-service support system that combines professionals, traditional and nontraditional businesses, organization, agencies, merchants with technology to streamline the network to function around a single hub Talk Cafe Support Place. The Cafe is the network hub where one can access needed support through their economic, social, personal life transitions to locate somebody to talk to, services programs that meet their needs and also get a hot meal. The center will be open 24-7 for some support services. The gateway forum centralizes pool of resources, services, programs, support groups and professional people, designed to mimic a metaphoric kitchen table to recreate the familiarity of the family table atmosphere where people comfortable in real time engage in venting sessions, discuss issues, exchange ideas, plan pathways to solutions that shape their lives. LaDrea Project target audience participates, parents, youth, offenders and people with challenges, Professional Partnership Friends of the project

A comfortable atmosphere where one can vent feelings of frustration, hopelessness, not face crisis or fears over negative outcomes alone, but over a cup of coffee or a bite to eat with open access to either relax, network or connect with individuals or in a group setting with professionals trained to listen, understand, answers the questions, do intake assessments, offer solutions or just connect people with each other to talk freely about what's on their heart. Support groups for employment, housing, transport and more.

Join me every Monday 11:00 - 2:00 for Talk Cafe Outreach connect group for fellowship, bible study, learn about what is available at the support place, food, fun, and more.

T Town Talk Show "The Voice of Mainstreet", host LA will be part of the cafe daily from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. to give a proactive voice and platform on her show of what main street people, businesses organizations are talking about, wanting to discuss, resolve or just causing the main street buzz.

Talk Cafe Support Place

Talk Cafe

A small restaurant setting selling light meals and drinks used as Talk Cafe Support Place metaphoric kitchen table comfortable atmosphere brick-n-mortar location where client membership wanting a personal touch can connect with Talk Cafe Support Place staff, partner membership, access partner membership site spots, support groups, resource department, store facilities, talk show, noon day bible study and all company membership benefits.

Talk Cafe Support Place

Coffee Shop

Another comfortable area membership can connect with staff, professionals, friends, relax, talk, study, access Wi-Fi enjoy a coffee or hot beverage with or without a light snack

Talk Cafe Support Place


Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Fountain drinks, Salads, Sandwiches, Soups, Peanuts, Pickles, Popcorn, Candy, Ice Cream Fountain, Tea, Gator Aides, Snow Cones, Funnel Cake, Holiday Specials, Pizza slices, Water

Talk Cafe Support Place

Counseling Center

Care Counselor Offices, Support Group Rooms, Therapist Offices, Psychiatrist Offices

Talk Cafe Support Place

Call Center

Call Center receptionists' staff of Talk Cafe Support Place who will rotate calls to appropriate Designation Dispatch line, care counselor lines, referral call lines, membership lines, Crisis line, Runaway hotline, LaDrea Project Transition, Employment Center, Education Center etc. 

Talk Cafe Support Place


Chapel, Great Hall, Classrooms

Talk Cafe Support Place

Community Resources

Workroom, meeting rooms, event room, resource staff to work with members or member organizations on projects.

Talk Cafe Support Place

Education Center

Computer room, Youth Drop-in Center, Think Tank De-escalation room, Classrooms, Tutoring, Bookstore, all academic offices and resources located in this area, Teacher, Coaches

Talk Cafe Support Place

Employment Center

Forging Ahead Employment, G.E.M.S., Human Resources, Volunteer Stipend office, Partnership Site Spot Offices, G.E.M.S. Site Business Booth, Employment

Employment Coordinator Office

Talk Cafe Support Place

L.A. Central

Grocery, Deli, Fruit & Vegetable Market, Meat Market, Floral goods, Store Manager Office

Talk Cafe Support Place

LaDrea Project Transitions

Project Coordinator Manager Offices, Transition Connect Group Rooms, Workrooms

Talk Cafe Support Place

Legal Clinic

A place where membership can obtain legal advice and assistance for an affordable cost.

Media Center

The area where all digital, media and entertainment equipment, control and sound rooms. Stage, Lights, Camera, Master boards for media production and tech staff offices, help desk, social media monitors of technology central D.J. Goodground Entertainment Studios, T Town Talk Show.

Medical Clinic

A TCSP facility that will be focused on outpatient services in Crisis, mental health, dental and medical.

Talk Café Support Place Care Counseling Teams

Talk Cafe Support Place counseling staff are employed to be part of the memberships support system. The counselors function as the middle management that assists all transiting members clients and professional membership. The team of counselors available are available 24/7 to participating members. The team is called care counselors because the goal is to be the support foundation person available to talk with for help cultivating an action plan that has positive life outcomes. The group is composed of professional counselors from different disciplines (Therapist, Employment, Housing, Transportation, Case Manager, Mentor, Spiritual coach, and Teachers) professionally trained to work with members in their area of needs, to coordinate, classes appointments, support services, support group and instruction on registration, scheduling through the technology.

The care counselor team's mission at the Talk Cafe Support Place will be to process members on managing the behaviors that are challenging, act as mentors, role models, advisers, provide moral support, supervision, guidance and teach triggers, decision making, coping skills to all relationships and family members. Emphasize the importance of, choices, environment, growth, development and time management and family dynamics.

Talk Cafe Support Place
The professional counselors from different disciplines that form a team that functions as The members support foundation person, Adviser, moral support that assist in helping Them navigate personal challenges and needs. Available on demand virtually and onsite during Office hours.

LaDrea Transitions

There are several different LaDrea Project Transition Resources Initiatives; Alley's Closet Homeless Transition(A.C.T.), Youth Empowerment Program Transition (Y.E.P), Parent Empowerment Program Transition (P.E.P.), Lifestyle Initiative Transition (L.I.T), Pre & Post Release Empowerment Program Transition (R.E.P.), Student Educational Transition (S.E.T.).

T.Rl. transitional programs offer a place to turn when one is unsure about where to go, what to do, when they feel hopeless regarding the future or need help finding employment, housing, support resources and professionals that can address the foundational needs of specific target audiences such as ; At risk youth, Parents, offenders, mental ill, homeless, students and adults who lack life skills or activities of daily living challenges . It's about providing tools for foundation building, starting a new life or restoring an existing one.

T.R.I. is one of Talk Cafe self and partnership driven enterprises that support the target audience who need or want another chance at a quality lifestyle. The self-driven transitions promote autonomy of choice through services, programs, resources and working with trained professionals in all areas that offer opportunities for self-control of choice.

The LaDrea Project T.R.I. (Transition Resource Initiative) is all about centralizing resources, information, services and professionals in a network that provides participants easy access to foundation building tools needed for independent rebuilding of an existing life or starting a new life of choice.

Talk Cafe recommended support groups where participants receive an overview and orientation of the transition program. The orientation focus depends on the transition you are entering. It is also where participants sign up for the appropriate transition.

Striving to correct misplaced life choices after being separated from day to day activities of daily living for a season(s). Overcoming life events that caused change suddenly or overtime. Connecting to people, resources and programs that provide support that help one get their life independence back on track in a smooth transition. An infinite treatment support system during all stages of transition. A support place where individuals can access the means of searching for a life fit or sense of self, examine their life journey of where they've been, choices, feelings about associates, lifestyle, relationships and how they view life now, decision they want to make going forward. Find directions, access or entry in an environment that is not overwhelming or make one feel like a social outcast not accepted or wanted but forced and rejected from social norms. Mentors are there as sounding boards for encouragement to listen as they find their way in day to day living, self-esteem, confidence, finding voice and purpose with peers or lifestyle pressures.

Alley's Closet Transition

Alley's Closet Homeless Transition focuses on lifestyle identification, how to connect with people, resources and programs that provide support that help one get their independence back on track.

LaDrea Project Transitions

Talk Cafe Support Place

Parent Empowerment Program (P.E.P.)

Support transition services for parents and guardians of family, foster and DHS or other agencies

Talk Cafe Support Place

Student Empowerment Transition (S.E.T.)

For students with challenges.

Talk Cafe Support Place

Youth Empowerment Program (Y.E.P)

Support transition for at-risk, struggling with identification peer pressure, fitting in youth, challenged personal

Senior Outpost Support (S.O.S.)

Support transitions that focus help seniors continue a quality life of autonomy

Alley's Closet Transition (A.C.T.)

Lifestyle Empowerment Initiative Transition (L.E.T.)

For adults. & youth with mental health challenges or criminals

Talk Cafe Support Place

Release Empowerment Program Transition (R.E.P.)

For Court referral & D.O.C Pre & Post release

On Demand Professionals & Services

Talk Cafe Support Place


Bail Bonds

Case Management

Care Counselors

Education Coordinator

Employment Coordinator

Financial Coordinator

Legal Coordinator

Medical Coordinator

Mental Health Coordinator


Parole Office


Personal Assistant




Relationship Counselor

Residential Coordinator

Support Group Coordinator



Transition Coordinator

Youth Counselor

Youth Pastor


Alley's Closet

Alexandria Vision Services


Career Boot Camp


Courier Service

Delivery Service

D.J. Goodground Media

Forging Ahead Employment

Friends of Talk Cafe Mentors


Human Resources

LaDrea Project Transition Resources Initiative

Partnership Agencies

Partnership Businesses

Partnership Organizations

Partnership Professionals

Partnership Services

P.I.T. Programs

Relationship Counselor

Site Spot Booth

Steppingstone to a Home

Talk Cafe eCommerce Store

Talk Cafe Membership Services

Talk Cafe ParaShuttle Service

Talk Cafe Support Group

Talk Cafe Transit

Training Classes

Transition Resource Initiative

T Town Senior Cab

T Town Talk Show

Volunteer Stipend

Student Empowerment Transition

24/7 On Demand Services

[ ] Attorney
[ ] Bail Bonds
[ ] Counseling
[ ] Physicians

[ ] Psychologist
[ ] Paralegals
[ ] Parole Officers

[ ] Probation Officers
[ ] Support Groups

[ ] Therapist

Support Groups

Talk Cafe Support Place
Support group

Behavior Groups

Anger Management

Behavior Modification



Counseling Groups

Academic Group

Peer Counseling

Disease Process Group

Enrichment Group

Family Needs Group

Mental Health Issues Group

Parent Empowerment

P.O.P.P. Empowerment

Situational Depression

Informal Groups

Social Security Group

Social Agencies Group

V.A. Group

Legal Groups

Attorney Group

Paralegal Group

Life Enrichment Groups

Areas of Focus

Etiquette Group

Physical Fitness Groups

Mentoring Groups

A.C.T. II Group

Leadership Group

Parenting Groups

Families Need Group
Life Skills Empowering
Parents Association Group
Parent Boot Camp (One day group)
Parenting Challenging Youth
P.O.P.P. Group
Social Media Simulation Lab

Monthly Parent Association Group

Career & Employment

Parenting Group


Conditions for Parents
Referral Group

Relationship Groups





Resource Groups

Forging Employment Group

Stepping Stones to Home Group

Tuition Assistance Group

Restorative Groups

Emotional & Feelings Group

Intervention Group

Prevention Group

Service Groups

Bail Bond Groups

Spiritual Groups

24-7 G.R.I.T.

Noonday Praise & Worship Planning Group

Youth Pastor Group

Pastoral Service Group

Personal Development

T Town Talk Planning Group

Social Groups

Center Point Group

Cultural Immersion

Individualistic Group

Social Connection

Stabilization Groups

Anger Management

Crisis Intervention Group

Conflict Resolution

Connect Group

Therapy Groups

Think Tank De-Escalation Group

Youth Under Siege

Production Therapy

Stress Management

Think Tank De-Escalation Group

Youth Under Siege

Transitional Groups

Alley's Closet Homeless Transition

Pre & Post Release Transition

Student Transition

Mental Health Transition

Displacement Empowerment Transition

Youth Groups

Youth Advocate Group

Youth Empowerment Group

Youth Entrepreneurship

Connect Inside Resources Program (Part I of R.E.P. Transition)

A. Voluntary Stipen Commissary
B. Voluntary Stipend Communication
C. Visitation Transport for families
D. 1600 day Prep Transition re-entry Program Alley's

Membership Benefits

Support services that are immediately accessible 24-7.

Reason(s) for becoming a member check all that applies:

Youth Services

A.C.T. Mentoring

Career Development


Crime Prevention

Gear up Boot Camp

Juvenile Legal Services

Juvenile Support Groups

On Target

P.I.T. Programs

Proxy Parent

Support Groups

Parent Services

Crisis Information Line

Parent Association Meeting

Parent Support Groups

Employment Assistance

Legal Services

Residential Services

Felonies Program

Mental Health Support





Board Development

Budget Development

Business Development

Consultation Service

Excel Set-up & Support

Fundraising Support

Membership Development

Merchant Support

Social Media Support

24/7 Support Lines

Crisis Line

Runaway Hotline

Referral Line

Informational Line

Talk Cafe Receptionist

Counseling support

Professional Communication Network

Resources & Service Coordination

Connection to Access Center Services & Programs

Monthly Parent & Business Association Meetings

Talk Cafe Support Place

Site Spots



Care Counselors

Membership Intake

Assign & Change Transitions

Pathway Plan Developer

Membership Contact


Network Liaison

Homeless Closet Storage

Alley's Closet

$60.00 per month for a closet

Runaway Hotline


Regular Storage Space: clothing, shoes, bedding

Larger Storage Space: Cloth2, Shoes, Bedding, Bikes, Changing area

1 free washing/drying ticket



Qualify for Sleeping Rooms required sign-up for steppingstones to

Sleeping Room

Commons Area w/freezers

Talk Cafe Support Place

Youth Empowerment

Parent Empowerment

Parents and guardian's empowerment are about support, solutions, getting educated on dealing with youth behavior that is acute, unexpected problems and understanding their issues that are out of one's element. Setting achievable goals managing the day to day raising, education, safety, criminal issues of the youth with mental health challenges, gang involvement, peer pressure, drugs, social media, low self-esteem in school, community and home. Connecting membership parents/guardians to support resources, information, funding sources and professional support groups to help for self, youth and family.

  1. Social Media Training
  2. Managing Financial sacrifice
  3. Taking care of self physically menta
Talk Cafe Support Place


Pseudo Outreach Parent/Partner. The LaDrea Project Transitions utilize personal life dysfunctions as the criteria for determining transition placement and mentor role modeling as a character-building tool. All transitions are structured around the clients deciding what's Important to self-preservation, needed life resources, professional guided services, support groups to manage life dysfunctions and the centralized service system.

Lifestyle Empowerment

Reconnect group focused on lifestyle identification. Striving to correct misplaced life choices after being separated from day to day activities of daily living for a season(s). Overcoming life events that caused change suddenly or overtime. Connecting to people, resources and programs they provide support that help the get life back on track in a smooth transition. An infinite treatment support system during all stages of transition.

A means of access or entry to a Support Place fitted for a specified purpose needed to reestablish life. Experiment with different people and choices searching for a life fit or sense of self. They are overwhelmed with life due to the environment and being afraid to be self. They feel like social outcasts not wanting to accept but forced rejection of the norms. Mentors focus on these individuals with self-esteem, confidence, finding voice and purpose they really desire not through peer or lifestyle pressures.

Release Empowerment

Find direction after being separated from a traditional lifestyle. These individuals will need to exam where they have been, choices, feeling associates, lifestyle, relationships and how they view life. How they feel about their life journey to this point and decision they want to make going forward. Mentors are there as sounding boards, encouragement and listen as they find their way in day to day living.

Talk Cafe Support Place

Partnership Membership

Talk Cafe Support Place partners membership is a new innovative approach networking opportunity where professionals, businesses, organizations, agencies and community programs across the city and/or state accessed through on demand portal, where member clients can connect in real time at their fingertips human resources.

Talk Cafe Support Place will handle initial human resource processing of background searches, training, counseling, providing health benefits during the agreed upon probationary period in exchange for Businesses hiring Foundation members seeking employment. Terms of contracts are negotiable on case by case terms.

Partners Across Oklahoma

Service Providers (Contract Services)

Service Providers and outside agencies that have a contractual agreement with Talk cafe Support Place to collaborate to provide membership clients with services or product.

1. Employment staffing agencies
2. Retailers (discount items)
3. Counseling Agencies

4. Mental Health Organization
5. T Town Senior Cab
6. Court System

7. Department of Human Services
8. Department Oklahoma Juvenile Affairs
9. Department of Juvenile Affairs


  • Viral Support Groups
  • Viral Training
  • Viral Meetings

Support Groups

  • Addictions
  • Behavior
  • Connection
  • Counselor
  • Educational
  • Employment
  • Financial
  • Health & Wellness
  • Information
  • Legal
  • Life Enrichment
  • Mentoring
  • Parenting
  • Referrals
  • Relationship
  • Resource

Social Services

Employment Assistance Group (EAG)

This group focuses on providing support mental through having others to share ideas, work on projects with and assistance with obtaining employment, learning what employers require for verification (Social Security card, DL or State ID etc.) and receive guidance on obtaining. Develop resumes, cover letters, how to complete an application, list of references and discuss interview techniques. Individuals will also have opportunities to explore other alternatives to providing income for self and family (Entrepreneurship, temp agencies, government source, apprenticeship, Vo-tech etc.). Pre-arranged employment opportunities programs and more.

  • Housing
  • Transportation
Talk Cafe Support Place


The network is membership partners professionals, business owners, organizations and agencies the client members are referral to for resources or services. The network participants agree to following the terms of the member partnership contract. Partners collaborate with Talk Cafe Support Place in providing the resources of their profession such as employment, housing, services products in a cost-effective manner for those individuals having difficulty obtaining said services or opportunities. Partners will present Talk Cafe Support Place advertisements in their place of business, as well as do an annual fundraiser to be provided 50/50 between the Cafe and membership partner.

Talk Cafe Support Place collaborates with partners by increasing partner's business traffic and managing the clients, human resource needs, behavior issues and other self-improvement concerns of partners in exchange for fulfilling the service and or product above mention.

Those who have companies that use employees will work with TCSP participates who are seeking employment in one of the following areas: _____ Employment Shadowing _____ Interim ship_____ Job Opportunities_____ Volunteering _____ Entrepreneurship Stimulation for the purpose of providing income.

Talk Cafe Support Place

Talk Cafe Transits

Talk Cafe Transit Transportation services only available to Talk Café